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Birthdate:Feb 24
so, if you recognize my name it's probably as a fanartist in Harry Potter, back in the day. I haven't been doing much(any) fanart in quite awhile, and I've pretty much moved on from HP, although I still hold it in my heart as somewhere I made a lot of amazing friends. I will always consider myself to be a staunch Hufflepuff.

I currently lurk in Stargate Atlantis, due South, and a couple others, but bandom has recently started taking over my life (it totally snuck up on me, like Bob Bryar a ninja!). In bandom, I love My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco... well, those are the main ones, but I'll read almost anything if it's well-written, as long as it's not about someone I've met and had an actual conversation with. Also, I have a thing for drummers :D

If I've recently friended you, hi! I probably like your writing, or just think you're interesting! I'm definitely not cool, but I'm mostly harmless :)

(in RL, I'm 20-something, work a boring office job for a media company, I'm an artist, studying to be a librarian, have a horse and a cat)

Hufflepuff means never getting caught

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